Informace o mezinárodní soutěži Vizsla Cup 2010, organizované ve Francii (v AJ).


Dear Friends,
To forget the 2009 EC cancellation, the Vizsla Club de France would like to offer you to organise the 2010 event.
It could be as usual in the North of France, but we move about 30 kilometers far to Jérémie PARDIEU hunting facilities, where we held this year clubmatch.
We propose you the date of 3/4/5 of septembre with the above programm:
Friday 3th: first day of the Europa Cup with CACT
Saturday 4th: "Prix d'excellence" Individual competition with CACIT, for all dogs who has won before an "excellent qualification" in field-trial. Dogs which are not in European team can participate too. The proof of that Excellent qualification should be given with the inscription.
Sunday 5th: second day of the Europa cup, with CACIT offer and in competition for the EC CACT of the two days (3 & 5)
We only run in field, no competition in forest.
The bird will not be shot but there will be official gun. Dogs with a point should make a cold retrieve to get their qualification, a dog without a good retrive can't get a qualification.
The field-trial point system will be the french system, as above.
The point of standard will be 3 for a dog with the qualification "Excellent", 2 for "Very good" and 1 for "Good"
The water retrieve will be done one time for the two day and for all the dogs: bad retrieve give a malus of 4 points, good retrieve is normal and don't give anything.
So we hope to get more importance to the field-trial part of the competition as it is first a working competition.
Bitch in season can enter the competition, they should run the last one in field trial but CAN'T go to an eventual competition with another dog to win the CACIT.
There will be two individual title, for each vizsla breed, but only one team title.
We just accept club team (a team is composed of 1 to 5 dogs which represent a country, you could make one mixt team, or two specific teams: one of wirehaired and one of smooth), no individual participation.
The point of the field part will be the point of the french SCC field-trial competition:
        CACIT                14 points
        RCACIT             13 points
        CACT                12 points
        RCACT              11 points
        Excellent 1st      10 points
        Excellent 2nd       9 points
        Excellent 3rd        8 points
        Excellent             7 points
        Very Good           4 points
        Good                   2 points
        CQN                    1 point
Please tell me as soon as possible, and last limit for the end of januar, if you're interested by such week-end.... we don't want to get the 2009 disaspointment: all was ready and no sufficient entries !
Waiting for you answer, with all my kind regards
Nathalie PARENT